Our Great Adventure III -- Lone Wolf --

Our Great Adventure, also known as Bokurano Daibouken III or BK3, is finally playable entirely in English. You can play the game with no translation services.


No need to use online translation services or additional tools
Almost fully customisable built-in translation functionality
Very fast processing engine
Auto update feature for the dictionary files

About the license

The translation is given as a dictionary package that can be loaded and used in the game. The dictionary is a shareware; you need to buy one for just $5. You might think that being forced to pay for translation is unfair, but we have spent about 2 years for this project and more than 9000 lines have been processed by just a few people. We kindly ask for your understanding.

If you have problems purchasing a license, please send an email with your transaction ID attached to following address:support@nyanchangames.com

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