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Here, you can download various software that have been translated into English.

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MarinaBreak is a breakout-style game with real physics simulation. Accelerate your ball, destroy blocks, achieve your best score and compete with other players worldwide!

Our Great Adventure III
-- Lone Wolf --

Our Great Adventure (also known as Bokurano Daibouken 3 or BK3 from the original Japanese title) is probably one of the most advanced side scroller RPG's. It consists of 25 stages, 101 playable levels with a interesting storyline. Lots of weapons, enemies, traps, puzzles, even dogfights are awaiting you!

Screaming Strike

This is a small but addictive game that I developed for practicing the BGT language. The goal of this game is simple: punch as many people as possible!

Laser breakout

Destroy your opponent's blocks with various types of lasers! It supports VS. computer mode, local play and network play!

World of War

World Of War is a simple 2D Shooting games with lots of bonus elements and replay values. The game was initially developed because I'm shocked to know that the faimous English shooter called Judgment Day didn't work on Japanese computers.

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